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Beginning's End (The Protectors Saga, #3) - P. M. Dooling This series just keeps getting better and better with each book! And Book 3, Beginning’s End, may just be my favorite book of the series so far. Dooling continues to expand her fantastical world and captivate readers with her thrilling story, compelling characters, and superb writing. SUMMARYBeginning’s End picks up right where Book 2 left off, as we find the impending battle against the Emperor getting closer and closer. The 5 Protectors attend a royal ball, contend with complicated romances; heartache; fears; and each other, and continue to protect their new home. As the final battle with the Emperor draws closer, the 5 girls must learn to harness their powers and understand what it truly means to be a protector.Beginning’s End has a nice balance of action, romance, humor, and heart. Dooling’s original and imaginative story continues to impress and enthrall me, while her characters continue to become, almost, like bosom friends that I genuinely miss when each book ends. Book 3 had me laughing, crying, itching for my own fight, and completely engrossed in the world of Orcatia and the Protectors. THE STORYThe story in Beginning’s End moves quickly, but encompasses so much. I really love how the royal ball and romantic aspects offer a nice reprieve from all the action, fighting, and training. Book 3 felt like the most emotional book so far in the series and I love how character driven this book is. The first part of the book is all about the ball… and can I say just how much I loved reading about this ball?! I totally love that Dooling doesn’t just jump directly to the ball, instead she really allows readers to savor the experience and live out this fairtytale girly experience through the 5 Protectors. The whole ball is described so vividly and reading about it just felt so magical and enchanting. I for one, appreciated the fact that, not only were the girls’ emotions, nerves, and excitement over the ball described, but so were their fabulous dresses! I’m not terribly girly, but I enjoyed being able to squee over the ball gowns. The rest of the book, especially the ending, is fast paced and action packed. I love the way Dooling writes her fight scenes with such a gritty, explosive realism. I could almost feel every punch or smell every rancid fugly. And I doubly love how kick-ass our 5 female Protectors continue to be! There are quite a few unexpected twists and turns that left me breathless. The final battle at the end is electrifyingly intense and heart stopping! CHARACTERSThe characters, especially the 5 Protectors, really grew emotionally throughout this book and I really felt like I got to know them on such a deep, intimate level.Avery really goes through an emotional journey and transformation in Book 3. She really becomes the strong, capable leader that she was always meant to be, but getting there proves to be a heart-aching struggle. Her personal growth, realizations and acceptance was something I found very compelling and easy to connect to. Jade is such a multi-layered character, and we really get to see that in this book. She has to step out of her comfort zone and in doing so she really allows her vulnerability and softer side to shine through. Jade also continues to provide some of the most humorous moments in this series with her sharp wit and sarcasm. The other three Protectors have their shining moments as well, and I loved getting to know them a bit better as well. What I was really captivated by was the ever growing and changing dynamic between all five girls. ROMANCEAww, romance! The romance in this book is deliciously complicated. Avery and King Draven continue to get close, but when a secret is revealed, Avery is left heartbroken and angry. I love the moments between these two because their chemistry is so palpable and the heartache they both experience just jumps off the page. The romance between Jade and Prince Eryk continues to intrigue and frustrate me, simply because we don’t get to see enough of what goes on between the two. But you can just feel the way that this relationship is building up to something big…whether this something big is going to be good or bad, I’m not sure. But I do know it’s going to be awesome! MY FINAL THOUGHTS: I can’t express how much I LOVE this series and this book. Beginning’s End is a phenomenal addition to a wonderfully written, fantastically fascinating series. This is another MUST read by P.M. Dooling!Read the complete and original review (and many more) at Word Spelunking

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