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Dream Robbers - RC Scott Read the original and complete review at Word SpelunkingRC Scott’s Dream Robbers turned out to be such a surprising little gem! Wondrously whimsical and fantastically fun, I found this book to be a delightful read.In Dream Robbers we are introduced to 12 Nature Elf children who have set out on a grand adventure. The adults in their Gypsy Village have been tricked to leave, their magical stream has dried up and with it their dreams have disappeared. So the 12 little elvesies set out to bring their stream and dreams back, and along the way they encounter fairies, evil trees, mean dwarves, and a shape-shifting ally.Scott’s inventive imagination is apparent throughout this book. Dream Robbers offers an original and excitingly magical story. I was captivated from beginning to end and thoroughly enjoyed this story.This book has all the qualities I look for in a fantasy (magic, whimsy, adventure), but also reads like a fairytale. The world Scott creates is vivid and believable, even in its whimsy and magic. The story is nicely paced and, even though it’s a short read at only 116 pages, it never felt rushed nor did it feel as though it were lacking anything. This book has a lot of amusing humor, rousing action and surprising depth.Dream Robbers has a wonderful cast of engaging characters. The group of 12 elves is made up of characters with charming names like Boomer (Thunder Elf), Ashley Embereyes (Fire Elf), Wetina Rainbo (Water Elf), Sparklun (Lighting Elf) and many more. I was simply enchanted by these elves and loved that they all had distinct and interesting personalities. Scott definitely offers readers a dynamic group of main characters, which is especially important when trying to hold the attention of young readers.I think younger and older readers alike will enjoy this book. This would be a super fun read-aloud story to share with a child or group of children. The ending leaves room for future adventures and I definitely look forward to more books about the Nature Elves.My only complaint is not about the story itself, but an editing complaint. I noticed that there was an abundance of either unnecessary commas or missing commas. There were also a few spots were words seemed to be missing. Of course, these grammatical errors weren’t overly distracting and most readers probably wouldn’t even notice them. MY FINAL THOUGHTS: Dream Robbers is an awesome fantasy tale. Readers of all ages will be enchanted, enthralled, and excited by RC Scott’s well-written, whimsical story. I definitely recommend this book!

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