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Witch Sticker Ball (Nature Elves, #2) - RC Scott Actual Rating: 4.5 / 5 StarsTHREE WORDS: Lotsa' Enchanting Fun!MY REVIEW: I greatly enjoyed RC Scott’s first book in the Nature Elves series, Dream Robbers, so I was super excited to read the next installment, Witch Sticker Ball, and it did not disappoint!In Witch Sticker Ball the adventures of twin Sky Elves Winghawk and Dorzi Vastplains is continued. An evil witch, Big Mama , and her cronies, the Twits, kidnap the twins’ mother and they must rescue her. Winghawk, Dorzi and their Eagles must enter the mysterious Bubble World and travel through time to find the pieces of the Witch Sticker Ball…unfortunately, the different pieces are in the possession of some greedy Goblins. The twins embark on a grand adventure full of magic, fun and humor.RC Scott offers readers another fantastical and enchanting story full of whimsy, laugh-out-loud humor and some heartwarming life lessons. Witch Sticker Ball is a quick read that will hold the attention of even young readers and will have you excitedly turning pages and chuckling from beginning to end.I really love the captivating, vivid and magical world that Scott continues to create and expand in the Nature Elves series. Witch Sticker Ball is fantastically imaginative and inventive. Elves, goblins, wizards, fairies, magic flowers, enchanted curses, time travel, oh my! There are so many fascinating fairy-tale like creatures and settings in this book. Scott combines a wonderful mix of excitement, laughs, and fun thrills that are pitch-perfect for the book’s intended audience.Scott’s characters are charming and compelling. Winghawk and Dorzi are simply delightful and so much fun. Younger readers will love how silly, brave and resourceful the Sky Elves twins are, while parents will appreciate the fact that the twins are very good role models. The witchy and goblin villains are fantastic as well; they’re superbly bad and nasty (which young readers will delight in).The adventure the twins go on to rescue their mother takes them to some unexpected and exciting places, and I really enjoyed going on this adventure with them. Scott wraps up this adventure with a satisfying ending, but leaves plenty of room for more Elvish fun.MY FINAL THOUGHTS: With plenty of excitement, laughs and enchanting magic, RC Scott’s Witch Sticker Ball is a great second volume in a super fun series, and quick, enjoyable MG read for all ages.

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