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Storybound - Marissa Burt THREE WORDS: a Fantasically Enchanting AdventureMY REVIEW: Marissa Burt’s Storybound has enchanted me so completely! This book swept me away on a grand and epic adventure filled with edge of your seat action, fascinating characters, and a wonderfully whimsical world.Twelve-year old Una Fairchild has never felt like she fits in, not at school or in the various foster homes she’s been through, and when she’s magically pulled into a mysterious book and into the world of Story, Una believes she’s once again been placed somewhere she just doesn’t belong. But Una soon learns from her new friend Peter that her arrival in Story wasn’t accidental, she was Written In by someone. Like all kids in Story, Peter is in school training to be a character because that’s what the citizens of Story are- characters (heroes, villains, sidekicks, ladies, cowboys, wizards, oh my!) in tales, tales that people in our world read. There hasn’t been a WI (a Written In) since the days of the Muses (believed to be enemies of Story) and Peter must protect Una’s true identity. Una finds herself caught up in an epic battle for Story and must figure out who the true villains are. And along the way, Una just may find out who she really is and where she belongs.Marissa Burt has created a delightfully original and captivating fantasy that had me completely engrossed from beginning to end. Burt’s world of Story is superbly developed, her main character, Una, shines and her action packed story had me eagerly turning pages into the wee hours of the morning (I couldn’t put the book down).The idea behind the world of Story is so refreshing and fun! The world of Story is vivid, fantastical and imaginative. I loved discovering all the different sections of Story with Una, from the very fairytale-esque Perrault (school) to the bustling, modern City Hub, and learning about all the different types of characters, from Heroes to Villains and even talking animals or mythological beasts. The world Burt has created is a wonderful blend of the whimsical and the dark, the traditional and the modern.Una is a fabulous character and I really loved her. She’s clever, witty and brave, and also a little reckless and tends to speak without thinking, but I think this makes her relatable and believable. I really connected with Una, especially with her love of books, and really felt her longing and desire to belong somewhere. Peter proves to be a truly heroic and loyal character and friend to Una; there’s something very endearing about their friendship and together the two make for an awesome pair. There are plenty of other really fun characters too- Sam, a talking cat; Snow, the mean girl at Perrault; Endeavor, the mysterious boy that might just make Una blush; Professor Thornhill, the Villainy teacher who may be a villain or may be a friend and many more!Una’s adventures are full of surprises, unexpected revelations and friends that turn into foes and foes that just may be friends. The battle for Story is epically exciting and the last couple of chapters literally had me breathless and guessing till the very end…and what a shocking ending! MY FINAL THOUGHTS: I loved falling into the world of Story with Una and joining her on this enchanting and fantastical adventure. Storybound is a charming fantasy story that readers of all ages will fall in love with and I cannot wait until I can read the sequel. A MUST read!Read more reviews at Word Spelunking

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