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Fairyland - J.L. Bryan So, if you’ve read my previous reviews of books one, two and three of the Songs of Magic Series by J.L. Bryan then you know just how much I love this series! And guess what…book four, Fairyland, is my absolute favorite so far! Which means this book is awesometastic and fantabulous!Picking up right where book three leaves off, Fairyland finds Erin and Jason in (wait for it)…fairyland! The evil dullahan has taken Katie into Faerie and Erin, Jason and Grizlemor go after them and find themselves up against strange and dangerous obstacles in this fantastical world. After making a deal with some clurichauns the three must go on a mission across fairy land in order to retrieve a special bug in exchange for Katie’s freedom. Meanwhile, in L.A. Mitch and Dred must prepare for a concert without half the Rioting Zebras, with Aoide and Liadan hot on their trail and just a little peeved. And everybody encounters some unexpected surprises.Author J.L. Bryan really rocked this one! Packed full of fantastical adventure, jamming music, electric romance, awesome characters and superb world-building, Fairyland is the perfect mix of fun, fantasy, humor and excitement.There’s quite a bit going on in this book, in both Faerie and man-world, but the story flows effortlessly and seamlessly. Bryan continues to bring an absolute wonderful and fresh sense of humor to every page. I love how laugh out loud funny these books are, without ever being cheesy or over the top. And the story is hip and current, while at the same time appealing to all ages.I was so excited to explore the world of Faerie with Erin and Jason and I’m completely in love with this world! Bryan has created a very eclectic Wonderland meets Narnia kind of world that dazzles and sparkles with fantastical originality. This fairy world is as enchanting as it dangerous and as beautiful as it is forbidding, with frogs the size of mountains, volcanoes that spew jewels, clever pixies, hungry loan sharks (of the oceanic type), hippie mermaid thieves, rivers of chocolate and peanut butter cup flowers, oh my!I loved journeying with Erin and Jason through Faerie, but Dred and Mitch’s run-in with Aoide and Liadan is as equally entertaining. I’m still Dred’s #1 fan and have a huge crush on this feisty gal! Aoide continues to fall in love with man-made music and there’s a lot of awesome music appreciation in this book, from Ella Fitzgerald to Buddy Holly to Led Zeppelin…for those about to rock, this book salutes you ;)The love sparks continue to fly between Erin and Jason and there’s even some long awaited smoochin’. I really love these two together and how natural their relationship has progressed. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, this is a romance that readers will believe in and be invested in completely! There’s also some long awaited exploration of Erin’s mysterious, otherworldly specialness…I won’t spoil it for you, but I’m totally loving the direction this part of the story is taking. The book concludes with a little mystery and suspense and excitedly sets up the fifth book and I cannot wait to read the next book!MY FINAL THOUGHTS: This series continues to captivate and enchant with its humor, thrills and wonderful characters and settings, and Fairyland hums with awesomeness. A MUST read book and series!

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