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Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout 4.5/5 Stars THREE WORDS: So. Many. Feels O_O >.< *_* ;_;MY REVIEW: In Obsidian (Lux #1), author Jennifer Armentrout introduced readers to an explosive and addicting story full of romance, aliens and actions and in Onyx she continues to delve deeper into Katy’s alien filled world, with another round of edge-of-your seat storytelling.The events in Obsidian left Katy connected to Daemon in more ways than one. Not sure if their feelings are real or just a consequence of this connection, Katy tries to keep some emotional distance between she and him, but Daemon doesn’t make this easy. He’s out to prove that what he feels for Katy is as real as it gets, and as strong-willed as she is, Katy definitely isn’t immune to his charm and presence. When a new, cute boy, with secrets of his own, shows up, Katy finds the distractions she needs. But the group has bigger problems than confusing lust/love to deal with, the DOD is in town and they’re suspicious. And things get even more complicated when Katy sees someone who shouldn’t be alive and she learns that maybe the DOD isn’t just interested in the Lux; maybe they’re interested in her. But why?There are two things I’ve come to expect from Jennifer Armentrout’s YA books: 1) they WILL be made of awesome and win and 2) they will make feel ALL THE THINGS! And Onyx is no exception. The electric, addicting and smart writing and storytelling of the first book is effortlessly carried over into Onyx. Armentrout’s superb and layered world-building continues to impress and enthrall me. In book two, the world of the Lux is deftly expanded and explored more in-depth, the action remains suspenseful, the romance gets steamier and we get to know our favorite characters even more. At over 400 pages, this is a lengthy novel and there are times when the story moves rather slowly. The first quarter of the book meanders a bit, with a languid build-up, but once the story finds its flow and really picks ups, it paces nicely until the end and has a great balance of action, romance and mystery. What I still love most about this series are the wonderful and engaging characters. My crush on Katy has surpassed the fangirl level! She continues to be one of the best developed and written YA heroines in existence. Her strength, determination, courage and strong-will never waver. I love that she isn’t defined by her love interest and can easily stand alone as a fascinating, layered and complete character without Daemon (not that I don’t lurve them as a pair). And the acerbic and quick wit Armentrout has blessed her with continues to bake my cupcakes!Then there’s Daemon *listens for the sighs and squeals of a thousand fangirls*. Daemon is such a deliciously infuriating and irresistible character and his actions in Onyx only make him that much more so! In book two we really get to see a softer, more vulnerable and honest side of our favorite hero. There were times while reading Onyx that I just wanted to hug that hunky-boy tight…but then, there were also times when he would say something so exasperatingly egotistical or condescending that I just wanted to knee him in his alien-baby maker. And of course there’s the two of these characters together: sometimes they’re just Katy and Daemon, two people just hanging out, enjoying each other’s company; sometimes they’re KatyDaemon, two people who are either desperately trying to ignore their desire for each other and keep themselves from engaging in sextracurricular activites or they’re simply engaged in a razor-sharp battle of wits and bantering (and desperately refraining from going all Animal Planet on one another) and, my favorite, sometimes they’re Katy/Daemon, two people who genuinely love each other and in these moments all the scary, confusing, intense, amazing, wonderful, electric feelings between the two are palpable. There is quite a bit of angst between these two though throughout this book; a lot of emotional pulling and pushing. It’s definitely an enticing and titillating angst of course, but I could have done with less of it (hey, my poor, anxious fangirling heart can only take so much!). I love all the twists and unexpected revelations Armentrout throws at us and her characters. There’s a really suspenseful and gripping build-up surrounding all the questions Katy and readers have throughout the story (Who can be trusted? What do the DOD want? What’s being hidden? Who’s hiding it?), until this build-up explodes in the thrilling, heart-stopping last couple of chapters. I won’t spoil it, but there were tears, OMGing and No She Did Nots?! By the time I read the last cliffhangery word on the last cliffhangery page, my emotions were everywhere! I needed chocolate….and a nap…and book three!MY FINAL THOUGHTS: Jennifer Armentrout continues to bake my cupcakes with each smart, witty and steamy book she releases and Onyx is a fantastic edition to an already fabulous series. Fans of the first Lux book will definitely not be disappointed with this sequel. A must read book in a must read series!

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