Word Spelunking

The Elite - Kiera Cass I'd give this somewhere between 1 and a half and two stars.The only reason I read this was because I kept hearing it was better than the first one, and it is...but that's not really saying much. At least I didn't want to throw this one out the window...ok maybe I did a few times. But I definitely didn't want to flush it down the crapper. So, yay, progress!What can I say? The plot meanders (NOTHING happens), the world-building is still severely lacking (and confusing and illogical and flat and lazy and just no), America is an exhausting heroine, and Maxon and Aspen are the worst love interests evah. But hey, there's a Halloween party, pretty dresses, boozy Italians, and lots of giggling. If you liked the first book then you'll probably enjoy this one. If you didn't like the first book then maybe you pass on this one...or maybe you take a chance on it. I don't know. YOLO or whatevs.I may write a full review closer to pub date.

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