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The Fellowship for Alien Detection - Kevin Emerson Kevin Emerson's The Fellowship for Alien Detection is an out of this world (yeah, I went there, lol) and wildly fun read! Emerson offers readers a fantastic mix of adventure, mystery, and intergalactic excitement.Thirteen year old Haley from Connecticut and Dodger from Washington have very little in common, but they've both won a two-week, fully funded research trip from the Fellowship for Alien Detection. Haley sets out with her parents and little brother, determined to uncover the truth behind towns that have experienced town-wide lapses in time and missing persons, while Dodger sets out with his father to uncover the truth behind the mysterious vanished city of Juliette, Arizona. Their separate journeys and research led them both right into the hands of danger and right to each other. Once together, the two teens must work together to save the world from an alien race.The Fellowship for Alien Detection has everything I love in my middle-grade reads: adventure, fun, humor, great characters, and an author who is a superb storyteller. At over 400 pages, this is a longer MG book, but I gobbled it up quickly in one setting, unable to walk away from Haley and Dodger's intergalactic story for a single moment.The story Emerson has created is wickedly clever, full of thrills and addicting mystery, and refreshingly unpredictable. The mystery behind Juliette, Arizona, the time-lapses, and the missing people, is so smartly and intricately crafted and kept me absolutely captivated until the very end. I had so much fun traipsing across the US with both Haley and Dodger, and I think younger readers will easily get caught up in the exhilarating pace, genuinely fascinating mystery, and alien fun. And I love how different the alien aspects are. There are no cliché green little men or probing abductions within these pages!Haley and Dodger make for an excellent heroine and hero. They are both incredibly likable and relatable, and impossible not to root for. Young and old readers alike will love their clever minds, quick thinking, plucky attitudes, and endearing personalities. The two teens form a sweet and genuine friendship, with (innocent) hints of something more. Throw in a kick-butt guardian, a wacky benefactor, some eerie cool aliens, and determined townsfolk, and you have a cast of characters that shine and entertain.This fast-paced story will keep readers on the edge of their seats and cheering Haley and Dodger on until the very last page.MY FINAL THOUGHTS: Kevin Emerson has crafted a spectacular intergalactic romp that is as smart as it is fun. The Fellowship for Alien Detection, with its exciting story, superb characters, and shining storytelling, kept me enthralled until the very last page. A MUST read, for humans and aliens!

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