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An Army of Frogs: A Kulipari Novel - Trevor Pryce, Sanford Greene Frogs, scorpions, spiders, oh my! Now, usually when presented with anything creepy crawly or crittery, I get myself as far away as possible...but, An Army of Frogs was such a delightful surprise, with an utterly charming cast of critters and enthralling story.Author Trevor Pryce has concocted a thrilling tale of one small frog's adventures against deadly scorpion soldiers and a witchy spider. Darel dreams of joining the Kulipari, an elite group of warrior frogs, but can't because he isn't a poisonous frog. His home, the Amphibilands, is protected by a spell cast by the turtle king, but when Lord Marmoo, the scorpion leader, and the Spider Queen team up to invade the Amphibilands, Darel and his friends must find their inner warriors to save their home.Trevor Pryce has spun a whimsical, action-packed story that is an exciting mix of adventure, magic, and natural science. An Army of Frogs is stuffed full with cool animal characters, enchanting settings, and captivating storytelling. Pryce writes with an engaging and entertaining middle-grade voice that will have younger readers absolutely absorbed.The richly and vividly crafted Amphibilands and Australian terrain make for awesome settings. Pryce has come up with an entire world within our world and filled this imaginative world with colorful plant life, a froggy community with homes; stores; nurseries; and more, and lots of likable characters. Young readers will love getting swept into this cinematic landscape. Darel's daring adventures are full of danger (crocodiles!), fierce scorpion battles, and fun humor.Talking animal characters can be a hit or miss with me, but the characters in An Army of Frogs are all a definite hit! Pryce has created a fun cast of quirky characters. Darel is a spunky, brave frog who goes from underdog to true warrior, and he has two awesome friends. Lord Marmoo and the Spider Queen are deliciously devious villains.Sanford Greene's spectacular and fun illustrations throughout the book are the perfect companion to Pryce's story and make Dare's adventures come to life.MY FINAL THOUGHTS: An Army of Frogs is a hopping good middle-grade debut! Young readers will love the colorful characters and thrilling story, and will be eagerly awaiting the next book.

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