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If You Want to See a Whale - Julie Fogliano Julie Fogliano's If You Want To See A Whale is a sweet and lovely story about patience and noticing the beautiful world around us. Fogliano's unnamed male character and his trusty dog sidekick set out to see a whale and end up seeing more than they ever expected.Fogliano writes in simple, yet enchanting verses that paint vivid pictures full of imagination. Little readers will be so enraptured by the things that the young boy and is dog do see that they won't even mind waiting until the very end to see the mysterious whale.Erin Stead's bright, colorful pictures are the perfect companion to Fogliano's words and really shine! The illustrations are simple but are so expressive and charming. Readers will love exploring the different captivating pictures of nature scenes.If You Want To See A Whale is the perfect bedtime read for the little ocean lovers in your life!

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