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Exposed - Kimberly Marcus Kimberly Marcus' Exposed is a breathtaking and heart-achingly honest glimpse into the life of 16 year old Liz, as a painful accusation rips into everything and everyone she thought she knew. Told in electric and stunning verse, this story devastated me in the most beautiful way.I don't want to spoil the story for anyone, so I won't go into much detail about what is accused, who is accused, and who does the accusing, but just know that Marcus hits upon a very relevant topic. Liz sees the world through the lens of her camera and Marcus explores the idea of perspective in a really profound and smart way. This is a story that will evoke very strong emotions, as it should. It made me feel a dozen different things, many times within the span of only a few verses.Could Exposed be told through, and work, as traditional prose? Sure. But the clipped, fractured verse captures Liz's shattered world so well and creates such a powerful statement.Exposed is intended for a YA audience and deals with some heavy and dark stuff, but it will leave readers thoughtful and moved.

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