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Orchards - Holly Thompson Holly Thompson's Orchards is told in gorgeous and thought-provoking prose as it explores the summer in one young girl's life as she travels to Japan. Kana is half Japanese, half Jewish, and when a classmate commits suicide, her parents send her to relatives for the summer to reflect on what happened.Thompson explores grief, guilt, cultural differences, mental illness, and so much more in a really honest and captivating way. She sets out to asks readers and explore the question “Who's to blame for this young girl's suicide?”, while allowing the effects of this event to play out organically and with such heart-wrenching emotion around Kana and her classmates. Orchards has a quiet and subtle intensity, found below the vivid descriptions of Japan and insightful musings of one confused, grieving young girl. Kana's story is an unforgettable and poignant one.

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