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The Northern Frights - Derek The Ghost, Scott M. Fischer Derek Kent's spooktacular, awesomely kooky Scary School Trilogy comes to a wildly fun end with the third book, The Northern Frights. This is one of my absolute favorite middle-grade series, and while I'm sad to see this trilogy end, I'm happy to report that it goes out with a frighteningly fantastic finale!In The Northern Frights Charles “New Kid” Nukid and several of his classmates, including Lattie, a new ninja girl, find themselves at Scream Academy as exchange students. Scream Academy is the scariest, wildest, most terrifying monster school there is. With an abominable snowman for a principle, the Headless Horseman as a teacher, and trolls; ogres; and witches as classmates, the Scary School kids are up to their eyeballs in all things spooky and kooky. And the scariest thing of all is an epic showdown between a huge ice dragon and the Scary School kids. Charles and his friends must defeat the ice dragon or lose their beloved school.Derek Kent's (aka Derek the Ghost) over-the-top in the best way possible, a laugh and a fun scare a minute Scary School series is the epitome of fun reading! Everything I've come to love about this series- the pitch-perfect MG voice, the spectacular storytelling, the unforgettable characters, the awesome illustrations- is seamlessly and fantastically carried over from each book and really sparkles and shines in The Northern Frights.Derek Kent knows his audience and “gets” them so well. Younger readers will be charmed by this series' silly humor, thoroughly entertained by the wacky situations the characters find themselves in, and utterly addicted to the world-building, which is equal parts whimsical, eerie, and fascinating. The Northern Frights, like books one and two, has the perfect mix of thrills and chills and humor and adventure, and is always appropriate for its intended audience. The spooks and kooks in this series are scary enough to be exciting, but never nightmare worthy. In book three, we get to explore a whole new setting, Scream Academy. I've said before that Scary School is like a crazier, zanier, but just as unpredictable and enthralling, Hogwarts...well if Hogwarts had an evil, bonkers twin, it would be the too cool Scream Academy. Just like the Scary School exchange students, readers will explore every dark corridor and classroom of Scream Academy with spine-tingling anticipation, and open every door and take every footstep with bated breath, never knowing what might just jump out, fall down, or magically appear.I just adore the unique, eclectic bunch of characters in this series! Kent has a real knack for creating refreshing characters that are relatable and lovable, even when they may have a frightening appearance (or appetite!). All my faves are back and many new, awesomely unusual faces are introduced in The Northern Frights. I loved meeting the more monstrous students and teachers of Scream Academy, but Lattie the ninja girl is especially cool. But what I love the most about all these characters, are the genuine, surprising friendships and relationships they develop with one another. And as spooktacularly fun as this series is, these books also send young readers a really great message about the power of friendship, acceptance, and courage.The Northern Frights will keep readers eagerly turning pages, especially when the thrilling and explosive battle with the ice dragon begins, and ends on a really satisfying and happy note (and ends with room for future adventures...I really hope there's more Scary School fun to come!).MY FINAL THOUGHTS: The Northern Frights is the perfect enthralling and scary fun filled conclusion to this deliciously spooky trilogy. If you're a fan of the series, then you'll love book three. And if you haven't started the series yet, you're in for an awesome surprise. This must read book and series are excellent reads for younger readers (and grown-ups too!). I highly recommend them!

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