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Rules for Ghosting - A.J. Paquette A.J. Paquette's Rules for Ghosting is an utterly delightful and superbly entertaining middle-grade read! This ghoulicious gem of a book is full of spooky, charming fun and storytelling that simply sparkles and shines!For fifty years, 12 year old Dahlia has lived at Silverton Manor as its resident ghost. Mrs. Tibbs, a Liberator from the very important and rigid Spectral Investigation Council, shows up to teach Dahlia the proper rules for ghosting and help her uncover the anchor that is keeping her stuck at Silverton Manor. On the same day as Mrs. Tibbs arrival, Oliver Day and his family of house-sitters move into the manor. The Days' job is to ensure the manor gets a pretty makeover, both for its physical appearance and its reputation, so that Jock Rutabartle can sell it. But a nasty ghost hunter named Rank Wiley gets in the way of both Dahlia and the Days. Dahlia must break some ghosting rules to save herself and help Oliver save the beloved manor.I loved everything about this book! The characters, the plot, the writing- it's all just awesome. Rules for Ghosting is the perfect middle-grade blend of fun thrills, eerie whimsy, and smart mystery. Paquette's storytelling has that special spark, the kind that is fueled by a wonderfully imaginative and addicting story, that I always look for in middle-grade books. With a pitch-perfect voice, amusing humor, and clever plotting, Rules for Ghosting is truly captivating from beginning to end.I'm huge fan of ghost stories and ghost hunting, and Paquette has created the perfect middle-grade ghost story that has a enough eerie spookiness to keep readers enthralled, but is brimming with charm and age-appropriate thrills. This book was seriously just SO MUCH fun to read! It has so many fantastic elements, from an enchanting setting (Silverton Manor) to a compelling mystery to awesome characters, this book has it all. Silverton Manor, with its irresistible charm; mysterious allure; and many rooms waiting to be explored, is like a character in itself. Given the chance, I'd move into Silverton Manor (and claim Poppy's room!). Paquette weaves a clever, unpredictable mystery that kept me on my toes and was exciting to unravel with Dahlia and Oliver.The characters in Rules for Ghosting shine! I adore ghost-girl Dahlia; she's everything I look for in a middle-grade heroine: smart, brave, capable, inquisitive, and endearing. Oliver and his rambunctious younger siblings make for an engaging and amusing bunch. Younger readers will love this group of young characters and want to join their ghost-hunter busting team (I know I do!). And Rank and Jock make for fun baddies.MY FINAL THOUGHTS: With spooks and kooks, thrills and chills, and sparkle and shine, Rules for Ghosting is an awesome middle-grade read that charmed me completely. I can't recommend this book enough, especially for all the younger readers in your life!

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