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Hello, My Name Is Ruby - Philip C. Stead Philip C. Stead’s Hello, My Name is Ruby is a gorgeously rendered and surprisingly poignant tale about a brave little bird that sets out to make friends and find her place in the big ol’ world.Stead’s sweet Ruby may be tiny, but her courage and compassion are HUGE. The story itself is seemingly simple and easy to grasp, but tells a lovely story about friendship and love. Readers of all ages will be able to relate to Ruby’s quest for friends and her journey offers such a wonderful and heartwarming lesson about seeing the good and beauty in others. Stead’s storytelling is charming and affecting and his illustrations are absolutely charming. The illustrations are done in an exquisitely childlike manner and Stead has seemed to use crayons, markers, and colored pencils to give his pictures texture and movement. The various animals are expressive and have such personality.Hello, My Name is Ruby is a superbly crafted story with an unforgettable heroine and pictures that readers will want to gaze at all day.

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