Word Spelunking

One Word Pearl - Nicole Groeneweg Nicole Groenewg’s One Word Pearl is an utterly dazzling display of words and Pearl, the book’s charming heroine, would definitely approve of my chosen words! Pearl loves words so much that she collects them in a chest, but one day the words whirl and swirl into a word tornado and escape. Pearl then decides that she must only use one word a time in order to save the few words she has left.I LOVED this quirky, whimsical word filled tale! Groeneweg’s smart, snazzy use of words will delight and captivate readers of all ages. Younger readers will love the delicious way Pearl’s words roll of the tongue and sound and parents will appreciate the way this story will encourage kids to think about how and why they use words. Pearl is such a lovable, endearing, and imaginative character. Hazel Mitchell’s bright illustrations wonderfully bring Groeneweg’s words to life and she has given Pearl such style and flair.Word lovers, Word makers, and Word collectors will be smitten by this book and fall in love with all of its words.

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