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The Ghastly Dandies Do the Classics - Ben Gibson Ben Gibson’s The Ghastly Dandies Do the Classics is laugh-out-loud funny, super entertaining, and surprisingly educational. The Dandies are a classy breed of monsters that tell quick and smart renditions of classics like Don Quixote, Frankenstein, The Great Gatsby, Moby Dick, Hamlet, Sherlock Holmes, and Pride and Prejudice.I’ve re-read this book at least five times and love it more each time! Gibson’s Ghastly Dandies are a rare breed of monster indeed: smart, refined, and grand (and silly and funny and giggle-inducing) storytellers. The Dandies’ brief summaries of the included classics are wonderfully imagined and done in a way that will captivate and resonate with young readers. Even the biggest fan of these classics will find themselves laughing! Gibson’s collage like illustrations are bright, smooth, and delightful. Bits and pieces of each classic are cleverly brought to life, with fun little surprises sprinkled throughout, And the big, furry Dandies are simply irresistible and lovable.If you’re looking for a way to introduce young readers to the classics, but not overwhelm them then The Ghastly Dandies Do the Classics is the perfect book for you.

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