Word Spelunking

Elephant's Story - Tracey Campbell Pearson Tracey Campbell Pearson’s Elephant’s Story is a sweet, charming tale about one little girl’s lost book and an elephant’s fascination with words. Gracie loses her book and Elephant finds it. Elephant accidentally snuffs up all the words in his trunk then sneezes them out. He asks various animals for help putting the words together and eventually Gracie finds him, and they enjoy their love of words together.Elephant’s Story is a quick, fantastic tale that celebrates the joy and power of words. Elephant’s quest to put the words back together and back into the book is a heartwarming and sweet one. Young readers will find the various animals’ reactions to the words funny and silly and will even learn about how awesome words can be. The watercolor illustrations are simple, but bright and eye-catching.This is a great book to share with those readers learning how to read.

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